Winner winner, chicken dinner!


I'm sure that right now you are asking yourself "why am I reading this post with this ridiculous title?" Now bear with me, because the human mind is an intricate piece of machinery and you might not always understand how it works, but it sure makes for an interesting journey.

How to have fun while also winning

I don't know about you, but I think that the world is split into two types of people: the ones who say they've never won anything, so they don't enter competitions, and the ones who enter the competitions and... they win. I wonder what their secret is...

We've recently conceptualized, created and implemented a very fun competition for the onRoute magazine website. If you are not familiar with the magazine, onRoute is a travel, lifestyle and adventure publication that is distributed to road travellers at the toll gates and petrol stations during peak holiday seasons. We were inspired to create a competition that will also entertain, not just make you work for the prize, and while we can't actually enter to win, it's been really fun taking this quick, quirky quiz, sharing our results with our friends and having a good laugh. For those of you who are not associated with our company or our client's, you are eligible to win tickets for the enitre familiy to six different water parks across South Africa. Go check out the competition page here and send us your result, we'd love to know what your maritime spirit animal is!

Do you have an awesome prize to give away and don't know how to do that?  Are you looking to engage more with your audience and get them to enjoy a fun experience on your website? Let us help you create a custom competition for you, we'll come up with an idea suited to your brand, we will provide all the content and design and we will help you track the response to your campaign to offer you some real insight into how cross-channel marketing works. Drop us a line at and let's meet!